Dato’ Sri Louis Shim Hon Wei
Mirago Group of Companies

Holding the title Chief Executive Officer of Mirago Group of Companies, Dato’ Sri Louis is also the majority shareholder cum founder. Mirago Group of Companies does not just come to the hands of Dato’ Sri Louis by fortune but he diligently builds the company from the ground up.

The career journey of Dato’ Sri Louis kicked off when he worked as an automobile salesperson at the young age of 18. Having an ambition to venture into the business industry, he later pursued his dream with a strong determination. Dato’ Sri Louis’s hard work paid off when he partnered with two other individuals to establish Mirago as a cleaning and maintenance service provider back in 2003.

The success of Mirago’s establishment did not put Dato’ Sri Louis at ease but instead he began to exert full force to analyse the business industry. His meticulous studies later led Mirago to venture into mining in 2005, quarrying in 2006, and several other industries in the following years. Aside from Mirago, he has also further enhanced his business portfolio by venturing into the food and beverage industry in 2009. Juggling the many types of businesses all at once, Dato’ Sri Louis however exhibits extraordinary management skills.

As a superior and a guiding light to all of his employees, Dato’ Sri Louis constantly directs the operation of the group and encourages his people towards higher achievements. His all time philosophy of Ever Evolving has allowed him to climb the life-satisfaction ladder, overwhelmed by fruitful accomplishments in life.

Datin Sri Eannes Chop She Yang
Mirago Group of Companies
EXECUTIVE DIRECTORDatin Sri Eannes Chop is the Executive Director of Mirago Group of Companies, working hand-in-hand with Dato’ Sri Louis Shim as a dynamic duo to drive the business forward. She is responsible for the company’s marketing and branding initiatives, as well as overseeing Mirago’s Finance, Human Resource and Administration departments.

Graduated with a degree in Fashion Management from the Raffles Design Institute,
Datin Sri Eannes was one of the pioneers in Mirago Group of Companies, where she juggled her commitments between the company and her studies. Realising the potential in Mirago, coupled with her passion for business, Datin Sri Eannes opted to work alongside Dato’ Sri Louis to explore new business opportunities and assist in strengthening Mirago brand name.

Her current focus is to strengthen Mirago’s property portfolio through its maiden project the iconic 31-Storey ‘Louis 23’ – Malaysia’s first low density luxury condominium that features a “Sky Garage” a unique elevated parking concept capable of housing two superrich cars in each condo. Datin Sri Eannes takes on the conceptualisation of the exterior and interior design of this majestic ‘Louis 23’ development as well as the marketing strategy for the project.

A firm believer in seizing an opportunity whenever it presents itself, she constantly seeks out new frontiers and new experiences, with a strong conviction that there are always different methods to approach a particular matter.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Datin Sri Eannes also has panache for fashion designing. Apart from work, Datin Sri Eannes is a keen equestrian, and an aficionado for travelling and food.