Founded by Dato’ Sri Louis Shim Hon Wei decades ago, Mirago Group of Companies has since flourished into a renowned conglomerate in Malaysia. With a prominence given to the quarry and mining operation, the group has other businesses spanning a multitude of industries covering property development and investment, advertising media, trading, and information technology.

Mirago has embarked its venture in the quarry industry back in 2005 while commenced the mining operation a year later in 2006. To date, Mirago owns four quarry sites which contribute for a production capacity up to 1.8 million tons annually. Meanwhile, its mining commerce has also gained recognition in the mining industry in Malaysia. It is the stringent quality control executed by the company’s management team that has underpinned the success of its quarry and mining operations.

Aside from the fore-mentioned core businesses, Mirago also aspires to dominate other industries. Its property development and investment business displays optimistic growth centred on luxurious constructions of low entry points and strong yields. The advertising media division, on the other hand, offers strategic marketing solution via various types of advertising channels. The group’s information technology and trading division though being relatively new manifests huge potential to surpass their respective competitors.

Nestled in the buzzing city of Kuala Lumpur, Mirago’s office serves as a base for its business operation; also as a floor for the exchange of thought-provoking insights among the industry leaders in the effort to let Mirago shine on the world stage.

Core Values
Mirago Group of Companies runs businesses upon a foundation of the B-E-S-T core values. Upholding these values at all time has undergirded its incredible accomplishments in the past and will pave the way towards distinction in the future.

• Mirago strives to achieve balance between standard of living and environmental welfare to ensure minimal impact on nature while improving lifestyle.

• Mirago seeks continual improvement driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence to trigger exceptional business performance.

• Mirago upholds unwavering dedication to achieve customer satisfaction by fulfilling client’s needs and wants unconditionally.

• Mirago believes in the concept of combined team effort as a whole and values every success as a shared accomplishment.

The tagline ‘Ever Evolving, created by the founder Dato’ Sri Louis Shim Hon Wei, is an embodiment of Mirago’s commitment to continuous growth in today’s fast-paced landscape. The powerful words serve as a guide that catapults Mirago to the pinnacle of fame.